Custom image for running an Ethereum node on ARM

EthRaspbian and EthArmbian are custom Linux images for ARM devices (Raspberry pi 2/3 and other ARM SoCs) that run Parity or Geth Ethereum clients as a boot service and automatically turns devices into an full Ethereum node.

EthRaspbian: get the image, unzip it and flash your Raspberry device

Click to download raspbian image Geth Edition (2017-06-13)

Click to download raspbian image Parity Edition (2017-06-13)

Go to EthRaspbian Github page for further EthRaspbian instructions

EthArmbian: currently there is only available an Image for Odroid C2

Click to download EthArmbian image Parity Edition for Odroid C2 (2017-06-13)

Go to EthArmbian Github page for further info regarding building process and supported devices